5 Things I’ve Found To be True About Raising Girls

    Becoming a parent is nothing short of an education, wouldn’t you agree? It’s an experience like no other, and one that causes us to view ourselves and the world around us in a completely new light. A few months ago I wrote about the things I’d learned about myself since having children. More recently, I’ve been dwelling on the unique experience of raising girls and what it’s taught me.

    Sometimes it feels as though our house is overrun by girls. In addition to my 4 year old and one year old daughters, I also have two step-daughters (aged 11 and 14) who regularly stay with us. My husband is quite often the recipient of sympathetic looks and commentary while we’re out and about (as if it’s somehow a bad thing to be surrounded by females!).

    It’s funny really. There was nothing at all ‘girly’ about my own childhood. I grew up with two brothers and was a complete tomboy. Likewise, my husband grew up as one of four boys. So with all these girls, we’re sometimes left scratching our heads.

    These last few years have certainly taught me a bit about what it’s like to raise daughters. At its simplest, it’s been a joyful experience.  I love having my mini-mes around and feel lucky every day.

    And while there are some things that I probably could have predicted, there are others that have taken me somewhat by surprise.

    I realize that these may not apply to every parent of girls. These are my own personal observations, but perhaps you’ll be able to relate to some!

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