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    How to Thrive as an Introverted Parent

    How to Thrive as an Introverted Parent

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    If you’re reading this then you probably consider yourself to be an introvert. Or perhaps you’re co-parenting with someone who is. In either case, you’re doubtless well aware that life as a parent can bring about some new and, let’s say, unique challenges for the introvert.

    It’s a fair assertion that most kids don’t really subscribe to the concept of personal space. Or being quiet. As parents, we’re often thrown into the kind of loud and chaotic scenarios that make us feel like running off and hiding in the nearest closet. Or maybe that’s just me…

    While I’m not at the extreme end of the scale when it comes to my introversion, I’m most definitely an introvert nonetheless. I’d probably describe myself as a “sociable introvert”. I’m a people person, and I love hanging out with my friends or going to parties and dinners, but I often have to mentally prepare myself beforehand. Ask any introvert and they’ll tell you – having someone stop by your home unannounced is a completely nightmarish scenario (regardless of how much we love to see our friends and family). A most heinous of crimes.

    Either way, any kind of social interaction has to be balanced with plenty of quiet time to recharge. Confession time: sometimes I’m secretly pleased when plans get cancelled and I have an excuse to stay in and binge watch Netflix instead :).

    For me, being a British introvert is basically awkwardness squared. Especially living here in the US, a hugely verbal culture, where being outgoing and talkative is prized. But despite being super awkward a lot of the time and often making excuses for it, I mostly enjoy my introversion. I’m quite comfortable in my own company. And I rarely get bored because I’m always occupied by my thoughts. The more I understand about the introvert brain, the more I appreciate it. Continue reading

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